Be our Guest

holiday in rental accommodation is better than b&b

For Host and Guest  renting a house means putting guests at the center of attention, because the owners who adhere observe the principles of the sharing economy.
The tenant is a guest and should be welcomed by focusing on the quality of his stay  is it a tourist rental or a  business or
study rental.

The houses of H & G are fully furnished, equipped and have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

H & G also means: information, events, experiences to do and discounts to receive.

Small, big, ancient, and modern, our homes speak about us, and our sense of hospitality.

The gadget that rewards you or your friends, is easy to receive, learn how....

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Our cities, rich in unknown locations  and harbingers of experiences from multiple shades.​

Nothing innovative, all according to our culinary tradition.

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