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Because union is strenght!

We are a group of hosts who, thanks to the experience gained over the years, rent their homes following the evolution of the market in full compliance with regulations and tax rules.​

The increase in demand and the problems  emerging  by the pressing legal guidelines pose rentals for short term in a position of weakness compared to the giants of tourism. In this context, for us “small” property owners,  working  together  is the only solution to protect ourselves and remain on the market.​

Together we can share experiences, ideas and projects,  giving voice and visibility to those who, like us, propose to rent their own houses for tourism, business or study, with short-term contracts.​

Mutual Aid

Site Free

Host & Guest gives you the opportunity to build your website for free with great simplicity and in total autonomy. But if the world of the web is not for you and you need our help, please ask a quote and we will be ready to help you!​

Sharing a database of professionals and artisans of trust​.



Our houses are organized in tabs pages with links to the website and phone number clearly to be contacted directly. No commission for rentals.​

Owners of rental properties who observe the law and tax requirements. Information concerning the managing of house  rentals  respecting the law. Overbooking management.​

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